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Stepping into STEM at Mountain View!

September 19, 2016 – 1:37 pm | Comments Off on Stepping into STEM at Mountain View!

What does “Green” Glue, Lightning Rods, or Saving a Town from a Flood have to do with STEM?  
A students stirs an opaque goopy mixture in a clear plastic cup.  Next to her are a pile of dried pinto beans, counted and ready to test how many will stick onto the index card using the goopy mixture she created. …

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Join the MVEF Foundation – Easy, Online, Click Here!

July 26, 2016 – 5:50 pm | Comments Off on Join the MVEF Foundation – Easy, Online, Click Here!

Dear Mountain View Families,

The value our community places on education is truly reflected in our continued commitment and generosity in becoming members of the Mountain View Foundation. By enhancing every student’s education, our Foundation donations are preparing our students to excel in a future that will be shaped by advancements in science and technology. The FOUNDATION of your child’s education and preparation for college and career begins in elementary school, and the best gift we can give them is a strong academic start that sets them up for success.


Every year YOUR donations DIRECTLY fund:

2 Sponsored Employees:

  • Reducing class size during specials’ rotation
  • Providing hands-on science and technology education for your children

Curriculum-Enhancing Online Subscriptions

  • Reinforcing teacher instruction
  • Supporting every Mountain View student

Exemplary Professional Teacher Development:

  • Changing the way students comprehend and engage in Science and Technology by completing STEM certification courses and workshops
  • Evolving the role of technology in every grade level by integrating elements of the science and technology lab curriculum

Essential Technology & Equipment:

  • Computer Lab – Such as copiers, printers & headphones
  • Science Lab – Such as microscopes, and consumables for experiments

Remember, your family contributions are the critical element to our Foundation and with your continued support, we will continue towards our goal of becoming a STEM certified school by the end of this school year. Our combined family donations ensure we ENRICH, EMPOWER and EXCEL our children’s education and build a better community. Thank you again for your support and have a wonderful start to the school year!